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Wichita Physicians Utilize Health Info TV

Health Info Tv

Doctors all across Wichita and the surrounding area have
chosen to put Health Info TV in their patient waiting areas.
Making educational health programming available assists
their patients in getting information on a variety of health
topics from diet and exercise to disease prevention.

Health Info TV provides original programming produced by
award winning news station KAKE Channel 10, so you can
trust that the information is current, accurate, and relevant

Look for Health Info TV the next time you visit your doctor’s office.

Here’s what some of the doctor offices are saying:

“Our Health Info TV network is working great!
Our patients and staff enjoy the programs and actually look forward to what’s coming next.“

“Thank you Health Info TV for the educational and entertaining health programming.
The Health Info TV network has proven to be very helpful to our clients. We are excited to have such a system in our waiting area.
Again, thank you.”

Health Info TV

“Our office thinks Health Info TV network is awesome!
At first, we wanted to set up some form of patient education for our adult patients. But Health Info TV has been so successful with our adult patients and our younger patients have been watching the programs as well. Job well done!!!”


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