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Health Info TV is the ideal advertising environment for any brand looking to reach women, men and families. We reach more than 876,000 (six hundred twelve thousand) health conscious viewers each year in at least 40 doctor offices in the Wichita metro and surrounding area. Health Info TV airs your commercial in a health relevant, actionable environment with perceived physician endorsement helping you reach your target prospects.

  • 82% think a Health Info TV ad is more believable than on commercial TV
  • 84% Shop within two hours of seeing the doctor

Health Info TV is an innovative educational program for the health care industry. Health Info TV provides a new healthy lifestyle TV program to our network of 40 doctor's offices. Program segments cover various topics, including:

  • chronic conditions
  • heart health
  • diabetes
  • the latest health news
  • medical breakthroughs
  • everyday tips on nutrition and fitness

This programming engages, entertains, and educates patients while they wait to see the doctor and has been shown to significantly effect perceived patient wait time. Health Info TV is a premium advertising medium focused on a captive audience.

  • Average wait time for patients is twenty seven minutes
  • Each office has 3.75 patients waiting at any given time
  • Health info TV reaches 3400 captive & interested viewers each day
  • 876,000 viewers each year
  • Majority of viewers (84%) shop within just 2 hours of seeing their doctors.

Health Info TV offers a menu of in-office promotional programs that maximize your presence in the physician's office keeping your brand message top-of mind. We utilize television, print, internet and brochure distribution options.

©2006 Health Info TV, Inc. All rights reserved. Health Info TV does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.